I’m so glad that you found my blog!

My name is Shannon, and I’m the Christian mom of a beautiful preteen daughter and a teenage son. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years.  I’m starting this blog as a way of reaching out to other moms and professionals. My career, before being a wife and mom, was in education. I love teaching, and taught kindergarten for 7 years until the Lord blessed us with an addition to our family. Since then I’ve always done something related to working with kids – classes at church, teaching preschool, substituting, and the list goes on…..  Over the years I have read many helpful blogs that were an inspiration to me. I decided that at this point in my life, as my kids are busier and more independent, maybe it’s time to reverse the roles and see if I can help others with my blog.

Each and every woman is a homemaker of some kind, even if you are single or no longer have children at home. It takes a lot of care and attention to make a house into a HOME!!  God gave women the role of taking care of others as we tend to be nurturers, but sometimes it is a challenging job. We often forget to take care of ourselves along the way.  Our heart must be in the right place – as a Christian, a friend, a wife, a mother, daughter, whatever roles you find yourself in. We wear so many hats and are often being pulled in several different directions at the same time. It can be helpful to know that others are going through the same struggles, and gain encouragement from one another.

Education is still near and dear to my heart, so I have included a section in the blog that is geared towards teachers, be it as public, private, or homeschool. One of my favorite things when I prepare lessons is to explore my favorite blogs and Pinterest for ideas. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I adapt them, or I am inspired to create my own activity. My hope is that you will find this section full of helpful lessons, resources, activities, and more. In the future I hope to open a shop that includes access to more resources.

I love to cook and have recently found myself on a popular “Lifestyle” change program and am trying to be healthier with food and exercise. I will share part of this journey with you, including recipes.  I also enjoy sewing and quilting, and giving my creations as gifts to others.  Being creative is a happy part of my life, so I enjoy crafting, photography, and reading. We also try to find fun things to do together as a family, so our children realize how important it is to take time for others. As I’m sure you have concluded, faith is the foundation for our family.

Our family loves to camp and travel, so I will share these adventures with you. I’m a Missouri girl at heart, and I’ve lived in the Kansas City metro area my entire life (except college in the beautiful Ozarks). Check out the Kansas City section for my KC favorites and events. There are so many amazing places that display God’s beautiful creations, and we’re slowly making our way to our goal of visiting all 50 states!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the blog, and it enhances your life in some way. As the blog grows I will add more features, such as newsletters, freebies, contests, and such.

May God bless you on this journey we call LIFE and may your heart and home be FULL!!!