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10 Reasons Why Our Children Play Team Sports

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be a “soccer mom” I would have laughed. I never liked the sport, and grew up watching my brothers play baseball. Both of my children tried a variety of sports, and they both chose to pursue soccer. I have grown to love the game and I am thankful that my kids have learned valuable lessons along the way. We chose to only let them do one activity at a time so that our schedule doesn’t get out of control. So why did we encourage our children to participate in team sports? Here are some of our reasons….

  • Physical development – sports keep their mind and body active. Stronger bodies lead to less physical injury.
  • Physical health benefit – helps fight childhood obesity and increase cardiovascular endurance
  • Increase Social skills – Provides opportunity for making new friendships. Both of our children have had to change teams, and that’s always difficult. Joining a team where you don’t know anyone creates a chance to gain self-confidence by getting to know other team members.
  • Accept guidance – from other role models and develop healthy relationships with authority figures – Learn how to follow directions and build trust with adults
  • Dedication and commitment – You will follow through with what you start. You are part of a team and you can’t let them down. You must attend practices, be on time for games, and practice at home.
  • Teamwork skills – Learn to play as a unit. The game is not all about you. In most sports, such as soccer, you have to communicate with your team members to make the right plays.
  • Sportsmanship in competition – It’s necessary to learn both how to win and how to lose. This applies to many situations in our lives, and it’s important to maintain dignity and humility when required.
  • Self-esteem – Increases self-value by being a valued member. There is a sense of accomplishment when they contribute to a team and use their strengths to assist others – This builds self-worth and an appreciation for your strengths.
  • Personal discipline – Controlling behavior and attitude are essential. It’s important to set goals and manage your time and efforts to bring about success. This means doing things you might not want to do in order to benefit the team.
  • Character building – Learning how to put morals and mental attributes in action, Trying to improve on weaknesses and always try your best.

Do your children play sports? Why or why not?

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